Faerlina | WotLK Classic Server - Features




Lich Mode is our default gameplay mode. This includes all QOL features, modified rates, etc. Every player who creates a character hasn’t selected Ironman Mode or Blizzlike Mode will start with Lich Mode. Lich Mode features include:

- Flight paths unlocked after a character is level 80 on that account.
- Auto spell learning.
- Free riding for level 20 and 40.
- Shared Quest Loot.
- Racial Shift.
- And more.


Ironman mode is a challenge mode with increased difficulty, for our players who have been long interested in trying it out themselves. It has some specific details to it:

- The first rule of the Ironman is death is.. well, a fatal one. When you die, your character will automatically be deleted. Death is permanent!
- No access to trading, mailing, auction house, or grouping up with other players.
- No gear higher than Common (White) rarity can be equipped.
- No picking talents while you level up.
- No primary professions.
- No buffs of any sorts (besides class buffs, and only the players class buffs).
- No dungeons or battlegrounds.
- No flasks, health potions, etc.

If the player actually manages to hit level 80 after doing Ironman mode, they will have their name announced to the server, a special discord role, and get a unique mount (not available in-game or on the vanity store) they can brag with.

Please note: Important Change - In accordance with our decision to make Faerlina a PVE server, with the ability to turn Warmode on and off for Champions Guild, we have decided to limit Ironman Mode XP gain to 3x. Our decision is based on the fact that before, when we were considering a PVP server, the high rates were a compensation for the chance of being ganked and that ruining the challenge. We think the high rates would be too easy to complete Ironman with on a PVE server, hence why Ironman mode will have 3x XP gain 1-80.


Blizzlike mode is our attempt at brining the original feeling of the game back to the players who wish to experience it. We believe everyone should pick their own gameplay, and should be able to select their fate. Players who wish to enable Blizzlike mode will willingly disable some of the QOL perks we have made:

- No automatic level 20 and 40 riding learned.
- No free mounts given.
- No automatic spell learning.
- Flight Paths will not be unlocked after Realm First level 80 Race is complete.

Some Faerlina features will be unavoidable on Blizzlike Mode, such as crossfaction gameplay and solo queue arenas. It is up to the player whether they want to opt-in to those features or not. And, of course, the WotLK client is 3.3.5a, like all other servers, meaning talents are updated to this patch (this is also how they are handling Classic WotLK).


We've all seen it before - a server offers PVP Leveling, and what they really mean is XP via Battlegrounds. What a joke! In most servers that offer this, if you attempt to level solely via PVP, you will find yourself chronically undergeared, without any gold. The irony is that you have to PVE in order to PVP! That doesn't seem very fair to us. When you join the Champion's Guild on Faerlina, you unlock the unique ability to earn xp, gear, and gold through playing Battlegrounds.

The progression you spend leveling through PVP will ultimately be used to purchase your first set of Savage Gear at 80. So, the more PVP you play while leveling, the more of a head start you get at 80! PVP Satchels will also be available for you while you level and win Battlegrounds.



This mode is made for the most hardcore among the community. Raid bosses in this mode will have shorter enrage timers, gain damage buffs and heal once anybody in the raid dies even once, have their health point increased, get additional special mechanics, and plenty more.

Our approach to this mode is really simple in actuality- everyone in the raid has to play perfectly, execute their rotations in flawless fashion, or the raid wipes. We want to present to the veterans of this community content that they will find refreshing, fun and exciting to engage with. Before each raid is released, the community will be informed about exactly what buffs we will be doing to each boss, so nothing will be a surprise. Additionally, loot table from this mode will be different compared to Heroic- Buffed Difficulty Loot Drops will be boosted, with special mounts and extra loot.


There won’t be much difference between Classic WotLK raids and Classic Difficulty on our server. This is the difficulty everyone is familiar with, meant for casual raiding, or players preparing for Classic.


Training Difficulty bosses will have half of their usual health points and will deal half the melee/spell damage. They will drop only two items per boss, and the loot table won’t include any Best in Slot items, quite the opposite- bosses will always drop the same two pieces of gear, which is meant to prevent any abuse that might happen. You can find the loot table for every boss in our Discord and forum. Before players start any encounter, they will be able to speak to an NPC positioned near the boss, who will explain the basic tactics to them, what to avoid and watch out for. Our goal with this mode is to help out any player who is struggling with the mechanics of a raid. The intention we have in mind is for it to be a stepping ground into Blizzlike Difficulty, so even casual players have a chance to learn and raid with the rest of the community. This difficulty will be carefully crafted to prevent abuse.



Champion’s guild and content related to it is our attempt at revitalising PvP content for our mainly PvP players. We believe that everyone should have the right to experience the game as they would like to. Hence we don’t think it’s right for PvP players to have to do PVE content. Prove your mettle against the Champion’a Guild challenges and unlock a wide array of unique PvP features!

Every player who hits level 10 will get a letter from their faction leader. The mail will lead them to complete a quest in their major city, which will unlock their Champion Guild reputation gain. (For players, the reputation is displayed as Syndicate reputation. There is no other way to earn Syndicate reputation besides Champion’s Guild!) Before completion of this quest and enabled Champion’s Guild reputation, players won’t be able to queue low level battlegrounds!

Once players are in the guild, they will be able to queue Battlegrounds and winning will reward them with reputation with the Guild, XP and a Satchel (same satchel you get from completing a RDF while levelling.) While levelling, members of the guild will also be able to complete daily and weekly quests, which will reward them with gear to keep them on par with the PVE levelling players. Once a player in the guild hits level 80, their reputation will reset, and according to their reputation (if it’s Honored, Revered, or Exalted), they will be mailed Savage gear that will allow them to straight up jump into doing Arenas and Battlegrounds.

Once a level 80 that’s in the guild completes a Battleground or an Arena match, they will gain Satchels. These satchels give out better and better rewards the higher the player’s reputation is- Honored, Revered, Exalted. Satchels have the chance of dropping unique mounts, pets, impossible to get PvP transmog items and even titles you can’t acquire by any other means! Because we realise that loot sometimes gets redundant, the loot tables of these satchels will change every new season.

Above all, the Champion's Guild values honor and respect. If members are found breaking the Champion's Guild honor code & server rules, they will be entered into a strike system, which may ultimately end in a dishonorable discharge from the Champion's Guild. Any member kicked from the Champion's Guild will no longer be able to participate in any of Faerlina’s PVP Features and Events. So fight honorably, and treat your enemies with respect -- they may be your allies in other matches!


Battleground & Arena Satchels are tethered to the Champion's Guild. If you win a Battleground while leveling or 80, you will receive a Battleground Satchel. These satchels have gold and rare vanity items in them! As your reputation progresses in the Champion's Guild, the loot in these satchels becomes more rare. The items in these satchels changes based on the PVP Season. Satchels are also earned through Arena wins. Both satchels will have some of the same loot, but they will also each have unique rewards, such as vanity items and titles!


On Faerlina, you will no longer need a pre-made team in order to play Arena. We have removed 5v5 arena queues due to their unpopularity, and have replaced it with Solo Queue 3v3. An NPC in Dalaran sewers will allow you to join the queue alone and let the realm search two partners for you.

Quality of Life


Racial traits, commonly referred to as racials, are special abilities or powers granted to a player character based on race. These traits come in both active and passive forms. You can see each race’s unique racials when you’re creating a character on our server, and read more about each one- what do they do, how do they work, etc. Racial Shift is a special feature that attempts to give our playerbase more options when picking what race they want to play, and the ability to not pick a race solely on the fact that their racials are better in PvE or PvP. We want our community to have opportunities for unique gameplay and experience the game in a way they haven’t before. You can Race Shift by talking to Zowaal, he is positioned right in the middle of Dalaran, near the Dalaran Fountain.

You may change your racial to any racial your class allows. This means that there are certain limitations to the feature. For example, if you pick to be Human Priest, you can’t select Gnome racials, because Gnomes can’t be Priests. If you pick to be Human Warlock, you can’t pick Night Elf racials because Night Elves can’t be warlocks. Zowaal will list every option which the player might have, depending on their class! There are no faction limitations on this feature, which means Horde can pick Draenei racial, and Alliance can pick Orc racial, it all depends on the player’s class. Please note: you can only race shift once. You won’t be allowed to do it again if you make a mistake, so think carefully before telling Zowaal what new racial you would like to acquire!


Crash redundancy is a feature which we think our playerbase will appreciate. Server crashs are inevitable. That doesn't mean we need to punish players unnecessarily when the server comes back up. If you were in an Arena or Battleground when the server crashes, you will not have Deserter when you log back in. If you kill a boss and then the server crashes, you will not log back in only to see the loot is no longer avaiable. While our #1 priority is to prevent crashes as much as possible, we want to have measures in place to make them as smooth as possible.


This QoL feature is massively popular on most private servers. Players grouping together shouldn't have to grind 2-4x the amount of mobs, just because they only drop one unique quest item. Shared Quest Loot allows for all players to loot the same quest item from a single mob. You will no longer have those awkward moments where you are debating leaving a party, because they still need quest items that you already have.


Automatic Spell Learning is a Quality-of-Life addition that has been extremely popular in every server that has implemented it. Instead of stopping everything you are doing to go to a Class Trainer when you level up, your new spells will be immediately available to you as soon as you level up. This takes away a lot of the hassle of micromanaging recalls and level ups. If you want to have a leveling marathon with your friends, you will be able to enjoy seamless questing/grinding with them!


Our realm is almost fully Crossfaction. Players from opposing factions may now group up and quest/dungeon together, they may join the same guild, and have the same functionality if they were on the same faction. If you play one faction and find out your friend is playing another, you no longer have to deal with the burden of rerolling to a new faction. You will no longer have to pay money to transfer your character to another faction. This will create smaller queue times for BGs & RDF.


We have implemented a Dynamic Respawn system, based on population density of a zone. The larger the population and demand for mobs/quest items, the faster they spawn. This will make players lives easier, especially over launch, when starting zones will be flooded with players.


We understand many of our players have played WotLK on repeat for years now. After the Realm First 80 Race is complete, all Flight Paths will be unlocked for players. You won't have to waste your time going from Flight Path to Flight Path anymore.



Transmogrification is an opt-out feature available on Faerlina. Alter the appearance of your weapons and gear! We are working dilligently to provide the widest arrangement of transmogrification options as possible. Players who do not want to see Transmogrification can opt-out of it by talking to the Transmogrification NPC that can be found in Orgrimmar, Stormwind and Dalaran. Our server will always try to ignite the imagination of our players by implementing Transmogrification Week and monthly Transmogrification Competitions!


Hide and Seek, Jumping Events, Trivia Events, Transmog Competition are just a few of the custom events we plan on hosting! We think custom events are a fun way the playerbase can interact with our Staff and be proactive in the community. Custom events are always exciting to be a part of.