Faerlina | WotLK Classic Server - FAQ


What is Faerlina?

Besides being a World of Warcraft private server hosting platform, Faerlina is a passion project of ours. With Staff that includes members with decades of experience on the scene, skilled team of developers ready to tackle any issue that might arise and a friendly community, Faerlina offers many unique features and opportunities to experience our favourite game however the player wishes.

Why should I play on Faerlina?

We offer many new, never seen before on the private scene perks and ways to play the game, alongside veteran Staff, player-focused Support Team, but maybe most importantly Faerlina is a server created by the players for the players. Before any major decisions are taken, the community will get to help us decide what exactly to do. We want this server to be shaped by the players, to create a safe space where everyone can just play however they wish.

Is Faerlina Pay-to-Win? Will I be able to purchase gear?

No, Faerlina will never be Pay-to-Win and our store will never offer gear for purchase. Playing on our server is completely free!

Which expansion is Faerlina?

Wrath of the Lich King.

What are the rates on Faerlina?

Faerlina is a server that offers high experience rates, with a special command ingame (.xp) which can alter the players XP rate. We have toggled the other different rates according to the high experience ones, so it doesn’t feel like a struggle where players ding fast, but they’re low on gold. To see full list of rates, please join our Discord.

Where can I see rules?

You can find Discord rules at #rules.

How can I contact Staff?

Users are offered multiple venues to reach out to our Staff. The easiest way is through our Discord. There, you can type in the different channels or make a ticket using our Discord Ticket system. Users can also contact us through the ticket system ingame and through our Forum.

How can I report a bug?

Bugs can be reported using our GitHub Please don’t forget to include any relevant information that might help out our Devs.

How can I report a player?

Depends for what. Specifically for toxicity or spam players can be reported by right clicking their name and pressing Report Player or making a ticket. Ninja reports are done on our forum.