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Naxxramas buffs. 23/06/2022

Greetings, everyone! This is our most recent Update, which aims to inform on what we are currently working on.

Faerlina will be a PVE server with the option of Warmode for Champion’s Guild.

We did a poll with our community. 2/3rds of our players voted in favour of a PVE server, but at the same time, considering our policy of giving our users the creative freedom of playing how they wish, we also decided to introduce Warmode as a feature linked with Champion’s Guild. Warmode is a feature introduced way later than Wrath that gives users the ability to toggle world PvP on and off. We will emulate something similar, but players who enable it will be able to gain Gold, Experience and Reputation with Champion’s Guild when killing a player!

The reason why most players picked PVE is probably because PVP servers are infamous for ganking. And of course, since most servers have been PVP, it’s seen as part of the experience. Our poll clearly showed us that people just don’t want to go through that again. And that’s understandable! We will give our players what they wish for.

According to Faerlina being a PVE server, Ironman will now be 3x XP only.

Our explanation is that the high rates available for Ironman Mode were a compensation for the always looming treat of World PVP. But since now that’s disabled, we still want to keep the challenge.. well, challenging. That’s why we decided to limit Ironman Mode XP gain to 3x 1-80.

Naxxramas buffs are now available! Our changes to bosses done for Challenger Difficulty aim to address critical weaknesses in raid design which make Naxxramas bosses boring. For example- Gothik adds have been buffed and now not splitting the raid into the two sides is impossible. Razuvius is now the progenitor Death Knight, the ultimate creation he was in the lore. Our buffs aim to make it a fun, engaging but also challenging experience to play Naxxramas, because we know it feels obsolete and boring compared to the glory of Ulduar. You can see the full list of buffs by joining our Discord: discord.gg/wotlk.

In the next few days, we will work on buffing Sartharion 3Drakes and Malygos as well. We think for Naxxramas we hit a perfect balance spot, where our buffs feel natural and not out of place, make sense raid design-wise and lore wise too. We will try our best to do the same for Malygos and Sartharion!

We are actively working behind the scenes to make our passion become reality! Thank you for reading. Until next time!

Introduction 16/06/2022

Welcome to the News section of the Faerlina Website. Here, alongside our Discord, you will be able to receive information about important events and updates regarding Faerlina. For our first News post on the website, we have decided it to be formatted as a sort of introduction to the two main administrators of this server- Calypso and Loken.

Hello, my name is Calypso and I’m the owner of this project. In my free time, I enjoy listening to music, singing and playing video games. One of these video games happens to be World of Warcraft. My private server journey dates back to 2014, and I have done everything there is to do in this game. I have played on many servers before, volunteered as Staff with various positions, and I vehemently believe that servers should be created for players, not created by stubborn owners, who never listen to their community. I want to provide a safe space where everyone can enjoy this game however they wish.

Hey, I'm Loken. I have seen server after server ran solely to make money and cash grab off their players. That is why neither Calypso nor I will be making a dime off this project. I also have had a long history playing private servers, and most of the features on our project are based on community interactions that I believe are only possible to get as a player yourself. While Calypso is focused on the PVE aspects of Faerlina, my focus is on PVP. We have several features that I am positive will re-ignite the entertainment of WotLK PVP, while also prioritizing good sportsmanship. I am excited to connect with all of you on modeling this project around the community's input and feedback. Unlike some projects that completely cut off admin-to-player communication, or only answer questions they want to answer, my private messages will always be open.

Both Loken and I have a vision that is very similar. A server made by the players, for the players. When we make any major move or change, we will always consider the community’s feedback first and foremost. It makes no sense to me that Staff typically hide behind these mysterious, shrouded personas that never talk or interact with anybody. They basically make decisions while being clueless to what the community actually wants and needs. We believe another big problem that plagues private servers are promises that never get delivered. To us, making a promise and never fulfilling it is disrespectful to players time. If you won’t or can’t deliver on a feature, why would you tell people you will? In the end, players are disappointed, regretful, and angry, which is understandable. We strongly believe that promises should be kept. We understand that sometimes things don’t work out like they are planned, but we will not have fragile egos. If something does not work out like it was planned, the community should be informed about it, along with an explanation of why.

Our vision intends to nurture a happy community, where players and staff alike can log in at the end of the day and actually look forward to interacting with others, not dreading it. We want our playerbase to be involved in the decision-making process of the server, as you can see already from our Discord (discord.gg/wotlk). We want to hear everyone’s opinion about important matters and changes. We wish to build a community that’s always going to be honest with us, let us know when we do something good, but also tell us when they dislike something without the fear of retaliation. Communication between Staff and Community is extremely important! If reading through this has raised any questions, both Loken and I are always open to answering them on our Discord server (discord.gg/wotlk). We hope we will see you there! Thanks for reading so far.